Private rhino owners believe that by legally selling the animals’ horns they will bring prices down. This, they argue, will cripple poaching by reducing its financial rewards.

People don't normally stop to think about how the greed of the already-rich private rhino owners will affect poor nations struggling to protect their rhinos. But why would people [such as private rhino owner] John Hume care about that? It’s not "conservation" they’re trying to achieve — it’s a monopoly on rhino ownership that they seek. Imagine what price they could put on the horns if rhino were to disappear from the wild - Michael Robinson

SA should build a rhino horn export industry. Farm rhino properly, trim the horns annually for off-cuts, which can be ground to a fine powder, diluted and exported to the East. A percentage of profits could go to rhino preservation and protection. Rhino horn futures could then be listed on the JSE for trading, hedging and speculation - Wes SA

Shoprite is flourishing and has great plans, but a merger with Steinhoff remains the largest shareholder’s goal.

Christo Wiese pays his staff peanuts — especially those at the bottom of the rung — and he has been getting away with it for decades. Yet he pays Whitey Basson millions in a retirement bonus and has been paying himself a crazy salary.

I know quite a few people who work for Shoprite, and many get "paid" overtime in food coupons that they can only spend at the store.

Wiese should be charged with running "sweat shops" - Marius de Jager

Mzwanele Manyi, the new owner of media outlets ANN7 and The New Age, says he will be unapologetic about asking for advertising from government to promote radical economic transformation.

Why doesn’t Manyi tell people the truth: radical economic transformation means nothing. It’s a Bell Pottinger/Gupta phrase to unsettle the business community.

Lay off the business community and go to Dubai with your Gupta bosses, you puppet! - Don Tager

I am sure the taxpayer will be equally unapologetic about what the country’s tax base is used for. Spending on education, health care and service delivery will get the nod, while enriching a racist sycophant so that he can spread propaganda will not.

I am happy for Manyi to run his empire in the private sector, but if he is going to go begging for government handouts he is going to meet serious opposition. Those days are over — the Guptas milked that cow to death - James Daubeney

Since SA does not conduct regular opinion polls, it is unclear what the electoral climate in the country really is; but one can suggest some possible scenarios.

Without proper opinion polls, let’s not fabricate opinion polls that will suit our pockets - Matthews Lethlape

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