With his reputation torn to shreds by the e-mail leaks, Ben Ngubane quits as Eskom chairman.

It’s long overdue. He should have done that a long time ago. In fact, he should have been fired. I hope he is charged, along with [former Eskom CEO] Brian Molefe. All seemingly corrupt people are finding it difficult to hold onto their positions. Hlaudi Motsoeneng has been shown the door at the SABC. Can we conclude that our country is making corrections? Who will next resign or be fired? Something good is coming. I hope those secret e-mails speed up the process of making people resign, even the ministers in parliament. Prison will welcome them warmly. Themba M Chonco

Jacob Zuma survives because people are scared of him.

Where is our judicial system? We need not be afraid of this man. The only people who are afraid are those who are complicit in corruption. Get them all or there will be a revolt in our country. Hilary Murray

When his time comes, it’ll be: “Bye, bye — I’m off to Dubai.” The only people scared of him and his singing machine gun are those with skeletons [in their closets] or those who are complicit in the redistribution of our taxes. John Hendric

Vegetable yoghurts are now a thing in SA.

Is it pear and rhubarb yoghurt or merely pear and rhubarb flavoured? Woolworths is not alone in having eschewed the inclusion of real fruit in favour of chemicals. I never quite understood the benefits of so-called healthy foods, like probiotic drinks, that are then flavoured — with chemicals rather than real fruit. Chris Bennett

Rhubarb is a vegetable, people. It looks like red celery, which makes you wonder why anyone would use it in yoghurt, and it is why it would take masses of sugar to make it taste like anything! Flavoured yoghurts of all brands are loaded with way too much sugar and flavouring to move product and make retailers rich. These products are so bad for our kids, but do retailers care? Angie Snyman 

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