Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

How Helen Zille plans to use the Singapore model, which took that country's population out of poverty in a single generation.

People in Singapore have a sound and honest work ethic. There is zero tolerance for crime, corruption and theft. They are proud to produce results. President Jacob Zuma and the cadres would have been chop suey long ago. - Alan Macleod

The two main reasons why the Singaporean strategy will never work in SA are:

The government in Singapore never promised citizens their every need and want would be provided for, for free. The ANC did this in order to be elected, and it created an attitude of entitlement; and

The government in Singapore educated its citizens not to have children they could not afford to provide for, while the ANC government rewards children for having children. Citizens kept uneducated and in abject poverty will continue to vote for the ANC because of the fear that their social grants will be stopped if they vote another party into power. - Linda Horsfield

Peter Bruce puts forward an economic reform plan that cuts through populist and conservative shibboleths.

No radical economic transformation without radical educational transformation. Skills and mind-sets must change. - Carl Momberg

I really like this. It gives a start to creating something new. It is positive and optimistic, and includes the needs of each person and group in this country. Yes, there are some aspects of the ideas that might not work, but at least this gives a start to a new blueprint for this country.

And to all nay-sayers: we have to "greenhouse" great ideas before we criticise them. Let them grow a little, maybe get stronger from some debate or some additional facts. Only then can they be criticised. - Anne Fuller-Good

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