Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

Brian Molefe’s return to Eskom leads to outrage from all quarters, including the ANC.

Had he waited a year or two maybe things would be sort of okay. But the greedy man just can’t live without the money. No skaam, no tears ... just cold, malicious greed - Chris Smith

He’s a very sincere, heartbroken man with a heavy cloud of suspicion that just won’t go away. He tried crying it away, but it’s still there. Now, after a couple of months of loafing in parliament, he thought we would forget. Brian, what are you going to do next? - John Hendrick

It’s a joke. How do you step down then just return. Maybe Jacob Zuma’s plan for him to be finance minister backfired. The Guptas obviously arranged with Eskom to have him go back. A joke ... all of them - Graham Wadeley

As leaders talk about how to repair what Jacob Zuma has broken, Peter Bruce puts forward an economic reform plan that cuts through populist and conservative shibboleths alike.

Trying to get us to adopt First-World ideologies will not work. We cannot strive to be like Germany, England and the US. We are a unique country with unique challenges. Besides, all the countries you mention are run by big companies. It will amount to state capture on a scale that makes Gupta state capture look like a picnic.

The US puts corporations’ needs ahead of the people’s, which is why health care for the poor is no better than in SA and almost unaffordable.

Wage inequality is terrible because there are no unions and striking is not allowed. Corporations lobby the government to do their bidding. It will be swapping one evil for a greater one - Zain Vawda

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