The superbly written article by Peter Bruce "How to fix South Africa" provided some remedy to rescue the country from the parlous state we are in.

To start our recovery, the Augean stable that is the ANC must be swept from power — relieving Jacob Zuma of the presidency will not be enough. The DNA of the ruling party has been replaced by decadence, self-interest and incompetence, and the civil service must be depoliticised and the Gupta family declared non grata.

The return journey will be lengthy as we attempt to untangle the mess and re-establish a stable and competent administration.

Bruce’s suggestion of introducing labour representatives to the boards of companies has worth, but their radical mindset of "them versus us" and the dearth of talent will make it difficult. But human nature will play a part because of the offer of status and directors’ fees.

His idea of distributing our national assets has merit, but it will be a complex undertaking; Stephen Mulholland had a much simpler suggestion 30 years ago, but it reduced the chance of the chosen few to acquire vulgar wealth, so it was ignored.

Our educational system needs to improve, the power of the teachers’ union curtailed, and competent and dedicated teachers need to be found to produce a future generation contributing to the nation’s wellbeing.

Our resuscitation requires the participation of men and women of goodwill to undertake this Sisyphean task, and there will be no quick fix.

Ted O’Connor

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