Social development minister Bathabile Dlamini lost her cool when asked questions about her working relationship with SA Social Security Agency CEO Thokozani Magwaza.

Arrogant behaviour from our public servants has become the norm. They have forgotten who works to feed and protect them, and keep them living lifestyles of opulence. They have become entitled - Rick Cooper

 I think people expect a lot from this minister. She is just incompetent. Plain and simple. You can see it on her face - Gugulethu Mbatha

As Marikana recedes in our memories, Julius Malema’s EFF now risks becoming aligned more with democracy than with revolution.

A revolution can only be defined by the fruits of the change it has created in the individual lives of people for the better. The EFF must carry on the culture of deliberate debate, backed up with revolutionary action to disrupt the status quo of government - Darryl Banda

Former British government minister Peter Hain says SA has lost its moral authority.

Moral authority my a***! Says someone who comes from a country that colonised SA, raped its people, stole their land, killed some who disagreed with its ways of doing things. The UK cannot lecture us on how to be moral ... - Mbulelo Siyo

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