Fidel Castro. Picture: AFP
Fidel Castro. Picture: AFP

The death of Fidel Castro refers.

I was fortunate enough to visit Cuba in 2003. It was a closed country with a fixed mind-set, but also a nation of amazing talent and great human wealth. There was a lot of bad, but there was plenty of good too.

I never saw a person without a job, a child not in school or a citizen without a full stomach. Everyone had a home and a purpose, however humble. It was not perfect but, when I look at nearby Haiti or Africa, there is simply no comparison.

Castro was a true revolutionary and he remained one all his life. However "bad" he may have been, the corrupt Batista regime was far worse. The US has much to answer for, too, in the story of Cuba.

There are no statues of Castro in Havana or elsewhere in Cuba, no roads or buildings named for him. Nothing. He lived a simple life and did his best, as he saw it, for his country.

There have been far worse. I wish him peace. And his country prosperity.

Mark Lowe

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