The Financial Mail said: Blade Nzimande should be lauded for allowing universities to hike fees by up to 8% a year. But this still doesn’t resolve the real standoff.

* We spend R100bn per annum in social benefits. Surely it’s obvious that the more people we can educate to world-class standards the less people we’ll have dependent on social benefits? Not only that, we’d also have more skilled people actively contributing to our economy, growing our GDP, and further lessening the effect of free education. - Paul Dempsey


The Financial Mail said: The ANC Youth League (ANCYL) has always been a disaster, but now it’s veering towards Gupta-style conspiracy theories.

* The ANCYL is led by a grandfather, that’s why. The ANCYL presidency should be (available to) anyone from 30 years and below, this will ensure that they serve their entire term still within the youth bracket. - Lwandile Ntwana

The Financial Mail said: Edcon-Bain has finally cut its losses, taking a R6.4bn bath and walking away. What a disaster.

* Edcon’s flagship retail chains Edgars and CNA are notorious for poor customer service. I, for one, would prefer a slow painful death than to even enter Edgars. Gone are the times of market hegemony — now customer is king and failure to up their game has landed them here. I haven’t a single tear to shed for the company. - Nathi Luthuli

* How the mighty have fallen. I worked for Edgars for many, many years. I was a window dresser and it had the best displays anybody could ever wish for. It had fantastic training programmes and the environment was stimulating. Today, one can only shake one’s head at what it has become. - Barbara Ann du Plessis

The Financial Mail said: The Independent Regulatory Board for Auditors has imposed new rules stipulating that companies will soon have to change their auditors after a set number of years.

* Forced auditor rotation will do more harm to quality than anything else. It will do immense damage to the profession and create costly disruption for companies and audit firms for no benefit. - Michael Oddy

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