Jacob Zuma. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES
Jacob Zuma. Picture: SUNDAY TIMES

The article by Mohale Ralebitso, "Bigger issues than just JZ", was interesting, if only because of his poor logic. Surely he should recognise that President Jacob Zuma is a failed leader?

SA’s malaise is due mainly to Zuma’s inability to understand the requirements of a modern economy. Internally we see service delivery protests and we have a student uprising, yet the Black Business Council (BBC) fails to urge Zuma to step aside.

Ralebitso says there are clear rules governing who walks into the presidency and who walks out. Really? After the vindictive politics of the ANC’s Polokwane conference, then-president Thabo Mbeki was unceremoniously dismissed from office and there was not a murmur from the BBC.

Corruption has escalated under Zuma and in 22 years of ANC rule it is estimated to have cost the fiscus about R1trillion .

If the enlightened minds of many black businesspeople, black commentators and others can clearly see that Zuma is an impediment to our progress, why is it lost on the likes of Ralebitso and his associates?

Surely the BBC knows the National Development Plan must be implemented and the Financial Intelligence Centre Amendment Bill promulgated? This will provide impetus and transparency.

Ted O’Connor,

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