The article on Kgalema Motlanthe — "The president we wish we’d had" reflects what most sophisticated citizens would have desired. But today they would shy away from him because of the party he represents.

He is a man with an inscrutable face who bears himself with dignity and reflects an aura of wisdom, yet he would have been beholden to the party bosses and bound to toe the party line.

The ANC has conveniently forsaken the Freedom Charter and abandoned its founding principles. It would seem that Motlanthe has allied himself with the growing band of disillusioned followers. We can only pray the cancer within the organisation hastens its destruction by the time of the next general election.

The decadence that grips the party will not even be removed by a palace revolt; it is too much part of its psyche. Only the voters can save SA Inc.

Ted O’Connor,

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