Your coverage on rhino poaching, exposing crime syndicates involved in the export of endangered animals, was highly impressive (The crooks behind rhino slaughter).

Africa is grappling with the illegal poaching of its wildlife — not only rhinos, but also the big five. Conservationists are fighting a losing battle to save this precious heritage from the evil that is the poacher.

The world outside Africa needs to realise that this heritage is the preserve of the future generations of this continent. Africa cannot afford to lose it.

A joint effort is needed by all countries on the continent to promote education among its people on the importance of conservation. Sensitising people to the importance of wildlife through education can be the best weapon. One of the options available to do this is the promotion of films that help local people better understand the value of wildlife to the country.

These ventures must be introduced in partnerships between wildlife conservationists and governments. Poaching of rhinos, elephants or any other big game is an evil that must be destroyed.

Kokil K Shah,
Mombasa, Kenya

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