STEPHEN CRANSTON: A weird ménage-à-trois

African Rainbow Capital has been set up to diversify Motsepe's Ubuntu-Botho consortium away from its highly successful investment in Sanlam. But the two ...

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Bill me by the hour

Independent financial advisers need to do a lot more to earn 1% of their clients’ assets in perpetuity

STEPHEN CRANSTON: A welcome humility

The arrogant assumptions of holding the number one position have clearly disappeared

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Quilter — a rand hedge worth eyeing

Local institutions are holding on to their Quilter shares for dear life

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Insurers — callous in a time of need

Hotels, restaurants and B&Bs, devastated by the series of lockdowns, hoped to get a lifeline from their insurers. Instead, they were turned down on technical ...

STEPHEN CRANSTON: The benefit of benefits

Good death and disability benefits are seen as a way to attract and retain talent

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Right job, wrong people

It is difficult to understand the customer without specialist industry knowledge

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Long may the run last

Old Mutual Global Equity was the best performer over one year among the large global funds, with a 17.1% return compared with 15.3% for its main competitor, ...

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Banking on behaviour

Investors in SA are more preoccupied with comparative returns than they are with whether returns meet their financial goals

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Foord’s empirical pragmatism

Foord has proved to be a manager that tends to bounce back just when the consultants desert it

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Pensions, 40 years on

An important positive development over the past decade has been the emergence of benefit counselling

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Will these two marry?

Slowly but surely, Alexander Forbes is moving back into the Sanlam fold

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Coronation’s global picks

Many advisers and investors don't like the idea of an unconstrained unit trust

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Getting back together

Sanlam and Absa have had a cultural affinity for many years

STEPHEN CRANSTON: If you panic, do it early

I don’t think long-term savers should invest in anything more conservative than a low equity fund

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Don’t raid the pensions

It is tempting to see retirement savings as a large pot that can be used to help either individuals or the state