STEPHEN CRANSTON: Going the way of the dinosaurs

As index funds become more popular, we need to ask what will happen to the adviser and discretionary fund manager industries

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Beware the bubble

It is always dangerous to count out a fund manager based on recent performance

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Wealth plan for the future

The move to defined contribution pension funds shifted the risk from investment firmly in the direction of the employee

STEPHEN CRANSTON: How SA’s pension system compares

A factor that counts against SA is one of the basic pillars of retirement: the lack of a state-run national pension fund

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Playing pension roulette

Staying at work longer and postponing the first withdrawal are the surest ways to boost your pension income


ESG investing, including in infrastructure, is not as scalable as traditional asset management

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Can two make a mighty one?

In the investment team, Sanlam will be the dominant partner, but it will want to keep some of Absa’s skilled investment professionals

STEPHEN CRANSTON: A weird ménage-à-trois

African Rainbow Capital has been set up to diversify Motsepe's Ubuntu-Botho consortium away from its highly successful investment in Sanlam. But the two ...

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Bill me by the hour

Independent financial advisers need to do a lot more to earn 1% of their clients’ assets in perpetuity

STEPHEN CRANSTON: A welcome humility

The arrogant assumptions of holding the number one position have clearly disappeared

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Quilter — a rand hedge worth eyeing

Local institutions are holding on to their Quilter shares for dear life

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Insurers — callous in a time of need

Hotels, restaurants and B&Bs, devastated by the series of lockdowns, hoped to get a lifeline from their insurers. Instead, they were turned down on technical ...

STEPHEN CRANSTON: The benefit of benefits

Good death and disability benefits are seen as a way to attract and retain talent

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Right job, wrong people

It is difficult to understand the customer without specialist industry knowledge

STEPHEN CRANSTON: Long may the run last

Old Mutual Global Equity was the best performer over one year among the large global funds, with a 17.1% return compared with 15.3% for its main competitor, ...