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A man wearing a protective face mask walks past a logo of Louis Vuitton outside a Louis Vuitton store in central Kyiv, Ukraine. Picture: REUTERS/Gleb Garanich
A man wearing a protective face mask walks past a logo of Louis Vuitton outside a Louis Vuitton store in central Kyiv, Ukraine. Picture: REUTERS/Gleb Garanich

You might be able to hit the Parkhurst strip for a bubble, board a heavily sanitised flight or sashay down the Woolworths aisles as a mark of freedom — but that doesn’t mean you have to. Perhaps you’ve got residual anxiety about mixing with potential germ carriers, or maybe you simply don’t wanna.

Lying on your couch or chilling on your balcony is always a good option. The weather is on the up, the Wi-Fi is strong and with any luck, you like the people you live with.

And, thanks to the marvels of technology, you can arguably be more involved with the world from your home than you would be were you actually moving through it.

This is particularly true of online shopping. Zulzi and the Checkers Sixty60 app will keep you in the basics but, here, in no particular order are some utterly cool, totally crazy purchases you could make from your phone or laptop today:

Rent a room in the Fresh Prince’s mansion

How about moving in with your auntie and uncle in Bel Air? Coinciding with the 30th anniversary (30 years!?) of the beloved 1990s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, you can spend a night in a wing of the fictional California mansion it was set in.

Earlier in the week, Will Smith himself announced the Airbnb rental — which is only going to be available for a couple of days at the end of the month. You won’t get to hang out with Carlton and Hilary Banks, but you’ll be a) living it up in a banging villa and b) far away from any trouble in Philly.

For the full details, check out this Washington Post piece.

Buy a 102-carat ‘perfect’ diamond

Hypothetically, if this flawless rock sells online, it’ll be the most expensive diamond to ever be peddled on the internet. Your chance to claim this belter kicks off in early October, when Sotheby’s plans to auction it. The auction will be live in Hong Kong and online.

Experts wager the stone should go for between $10m and $30m, but bidders will face some stiff competition. As this CNBC article puts it: “Demand for the rarest, largest diamonds has strengthened during the coronavirus pandemic, as the wealthy have benefited from stronger stock markets and investors look for long-term stores of value in a financial world awash with cash.”

Buy a Louis Vuitton face shield

How have we survived without this latest addition to the PPE pool? The luxury brand hasn’t announced the price tag for these fashion-forward visors, but you can rest assured it’ll cost more than a Dis-Chem face mask. Also, they will only be on sale at the end of October, so you’ll have to make do till then.

Buy (or rent) an island

Exactly what it says on the label. Go to Private Islands Inc, browse the sale listings, set your parameters (want lots of land? An airstrip? Beaches?) and get shopping. From Canada to the Caribbean, there are plenty of choices — though if I had a spare $65m, I’d drop it on this Maldives spot. For those feeling a smidgen skint, there are rental options too.

Try and spend Bill Gates’s cash

Fair enough, it’s not actually your money, or even real money for that matter — but you can have a go at using up Mr Gates’s fortune. Buy a couple of Boeings, some mansions, a cruise liner, the Mona Lisa, make a movie … and you’ll still have a lot of dosh to spare. Sigh.

*Buitendach is the FM's Life editor and editor of Wanted magazine.

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