1. Aston Martin plans to list

Aston Martin, James Bond’s carmaker of choice, has unveiled plans for a stock-market listing in London. The company didn’t mention its valuation in its announcement, but said it plans to float at least 25% of its shares. The public offering would value the carmaker at over $6bn, according to media reports. The sports car brand sold more than 5,000 cars in 2017, its best performance in nine years.

2. ‘Thriller’ suit is back

Hugo Boss has announced that it will mark Michael Jackson’s 60th birthday by reissuing the suit worn on the cover of Thriller. Only 100 are being made and they will sell for $1,195.

The German fashion house won widespread acclaim for the 1982 design, which consisted of a white jacket and trousers. The new version will have a narrower silhouette and buttons on the jacket cuffs.

3. Apple buys lens start-up

Apple has acquired Akonia Holographics, a start-up that makes lenses for augmented-reality glasses.

The buyout offers the clearest confirmation yet from Apple that it is investing resources into technologies that support the development of a lightweight augmented-reality headset.

4. Amazon hits $1-trillion

Amazon’s market cap hit $1-trillion on Tuesday, and it became the second publicly traded US company to reach the milestone valuation after Apple. Shares of the e-commerce giant, which is listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange in the US, rose nearly 2% to a high of $2,050.50 in morning trading. Amazon, founded by businessman Jeff Bezos, went public at $18 a share in 1997.