A weekly round up of the hottest international retail and consumer news.

1. Ikea acquires TaskRabbit

Ikea has bought online on-demand services platform TaskRabbit for an undisclosed sum. TaskRabbit allows users to hire people to help them move, clean up their houses or assemble furniture. The Swedish home goods giant mostly sells its furniture in kits with illustrations provided as directions. The move is said to be aimed at catering to customers averse to self-assembly or do-it-yourself (DIY).

2. Hershey bullish on India

US-based chocolate and confectionery firm The Hershey Company plans to expand its portfolio and manufacturing facilities in India. It is one of four markets that the Pennsylvania-based group has eyed to scale up its operations. The others are China, Brazil and Mexico. Its current product offering in India does not include Kisses or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups — their most popular global brands.

3. Pot smokers go for McD’s

McDonald’s was the most popular choice for marijuana users in states where it was legalised, according to research by Green Market Report and Consumer Research Around Cannabis. The study showed 43% of cannabis users preferred McDonald’s when stricken with the munchies within the four weeks prior to the survey. The study was conducted in major markets in Colorado, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington DC.

4. Coke and a dash of coffee

Atlanta-based beverage giant Coca-Cola has launched Coca-Cola Coffee Plus in vending machines in Japan. The coffee-flavoured soft drink is made with an extract coffee powder added to original Coke.

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