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Have you ever wondered whether there’s another traveller out there just like you? Someone who is rabid about snapping up the aisle seat, gets to the airport at least three hours before boarding and even buys the same brand of take-away coffee to take on board?

“Whether you won’t fly without certain comforts or are strictly about getting from point A to point B, there’s no reason you can’t get exactly what you need with the array of travel services and technologies available from travel providers,” says Corporate Traveller general manager Oz Desai.

Corporate Traveller outlined the five basic types of business traveller tribes and the different value-adds that are important to them:   

1. The business meets pleasure tribe (also known as bleisure travellers)

Typically, millennials enjoy adding a few extra days of leisure onto their business trips to explore the destination beyond the meeting room. If you fall into this tribe, you enjoy the thought of taking a mini-vacation after your business meetings to take in the sights, sounds and tastes the destination has to offer, while the company covers part of the cost.

What you need:

The location of the accommodation is one of the most important criteria for the “bleisure traveller”. Request close proximity to meetings and conferences while being near attractions and leisure spots such as the beach. A pool, a spa and late check-out facilities are all factors you should consider, and affordability is important – especially if you’re footing part of the bill. Extended-stay deals can be an attractive value-add for these leisure-loving tribe members.

2. The modern businesswoman tribe

One of the fastest-growing demographics in the travel industry is the modern businesswoman, who is primarily concerned with safety and comfort when on a business trip. As part of this group, you typically pay a lot of attention to the smaller details of the trip, especially the hotel stay. You also appreciate personalised service.

What you need:

With security top of mind, safe parking facilities at your destination are crucial, as well as pre-arranged transfers, with time to freshen up at the hotel before meetings, if possible. Request amenities such as hairdryers in the room, good mirror lighting, high-range toiletries, and spa and salon facilities to make your trip that much more comfortable.

3. The jetsetter tribe

Jetsetters travel often. They prefer to fly first class and stay at upmarket hotels. Typically, if you fall into this traveller tribe, you’re a seasoned traveller who holds a senior position in your industry, such as a chief executive or managing director. Jetsetters’ business objectives come first, but they also want to make the most of their time once the work is done. Having travelled often, they’ve come to expect a certain level of comfort that is in keeping with their elevated positions.

What you need:

Room upgrades and luxury transfers should be non-negotiable requirements for jetsetters. Spoil yourself after a long day of business meetings with time at a luxury spa – a hotel without this facility is a dealbreaker. Premier airport lounges, fine dining and exclusive experiences are key for the jetsetter tribe.

4. The efficient and savvy traveller tribe

If you’re always on the go, have meetings throughout the day and move from place to place, you’re probably an ambitious entrepreneur or junior manager who falls into this traveller tribe. This group often associates business travel with a sign of success and prestige. They are always online, using smartphones and social media to stay in touch during a trip.

What you need:

You’ll need a comfortable, tech and design-savvy retreat to re-energise for the following day, with a complimentary grab-and-go breakfast and coffee. Pre-arranged transport with fast-track services is a must, along with flexible hotel check-in and check-outs, free and fast Wi-Fi, an in-room work station with a desk, and power outlets for charging your multiple devices.

5. The stay-fit tribe

The stay-fit traveller is adamant they will not let their business trips get in the way of a healthy diet and regular exercise. Whether it’s the ability to quickly find healthy meals, squeeze in an early-morning workout or unwind at the end of the day, stay-fit travellers are conscious of their health at all times.

What you need:

Adequate workout facilities are a determining factor when choosing a hotel. Consider self-catering accommodation with a kitchen or make sure your hotel offers healthy breakfast smoothies and organic dining options with a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. Scheduling a workout, run or meditation session as part of your day is important, so be sure your travel arrangements accommodate this.

“At Corporate Traveller, it’s important that we know exactly who our clients are, as well as their non-negotiable travel preferences, so that we can deliver travel experiences that are easy and stress-free and pinpoint exactly what they want. It’s all about doing the research, collecting the data and learning to anticipate the traveller’s needs, offering features they never even thought they needed,” says Desai.

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