Chocolate biscuit cake
Chocolate biscuit cake

As part of ITV Choice’s royal season next month, the channel will be serving up a particularly delectable series Royal Recipes.

Hosted by Michael Buerk and assisted by Michelin-starred chef Paul Ainsworth and chef Anna Haugh, the trio will prepare dishes served at special royal occasions, together with the historical details of the event. Some of the recipes have been hidden in the royal archives for more than 100 years.

Among the dishes recreated is coronation chicken — the original was considered so exotic it was served only to foreign guests at the queen’s 1953 coronation banquet.

In the segment on royal weddings, SA-born Carolyn Robb — the former chef to Prince Charles and Princess Diana — recreates the chocolate biscuit cake that their son Prince William chose as an alternative cake for his wedding to Kate Middleton.

The current queen is said to avoid anything spicy, especially garlic. But not so Queen Victoria, who was also empress of India. She was apparently passionate about Indian food and one of her favourite dishes, quail and potato curry, is prepared in the segment that deals with India and empire.

There are also segments that cover garden parties, jubilees, diplomatic relations, birthdays and afternoon teas.

Royal Recipes is on ITV Choice (DStv 123) at 7.10pm daily from July 3.

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