Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

Ster-Kinekor CEO Wanda Matandela has made a “call to action” to film schools, studios, distributors and theatres to pool resources and improve the industry.

He says there is a need to narrow the gap between the “art of film and the realistic demands of audiences in theatres. The time is now to capitalise on an already strong position for our industry.”

Despite the advent of home entertainment and the DVD industry, revenues from filmed entertainment have been rising steadily in SA. PwC’s 2016 Entertainment Review says total filmed entertainment revenue in SA will reach an estimated R3.9bn in 2019, up from R3bn in 2014.

“This means we are well placed to collaboratively grow the size of the pie and incentivise new entrants into our market,” says Matandela.

The collaboration between industry players can happen in two ways: transformation of approach on the production side to create a talent pipeline and a more commercially viable industry, and collaboration in terms of marketing and distribution.

We are well placed to collaboratively grow the size of the pie and incentivise new entrants into our market

The impact of technology on the film experience has been huge, especially with the introduction of Imax cinemas. Entrenching this will require stronger partnerships.

In 2014, the minister of trade & industry launched the R1m SA Emerging Black Filmmakers Incentive Programme, a good building block for the industry.

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