Conscious 108. Picture: Conscious 108
Conscious 108. Picture: Conscious 108

We’re not saying you need to go full convert and give up all animal protein, sugar, carbs or other delicious things in one brutal go, but it wouldn’t kill any of us to scoff more greens when we eat out. Joburgers toying with the idea of doing this might start with these fairly virtuous (and tried-and-tested) options.

Westcliff Deli

Did you know that there’s a deli situated at the bottom of the Four Seasons hotel Westcliff? It’s a good option for wholesome and delicious (though not especially cheap) goodies. The deli has its own entrance and car park, so you don’t have to navigate hotel security. Once you’re in you can order from a large menu, developed partly by well-known wellness chef Christine Phillips. There are poke bowls (when last did you see a food trend catch on in SA like this one?) a detoxing salad and — our favourite — the nourishing bowl, which includes black beans, hummus, loads of veg, nuts, feta and seeds.

Conscious 108

This is the kind of place that gives vegan food a good name. The popular Greenside joint has a big menu that ranges from the restaurant’s take on pizza (topped with cashew nut cheese and tofu, for example) to butter bean bunny chow. We especially recommend the burrito bowl — spicy red beans, black rice, roasted corn, salsa, mint, peppers and red onions served with avocado and lemon.

Doppio Zero

You can order one of this restaurant’s slices of cake or the pollo involtini or, instead, pick from an impressive list of healthier options, trendy turmeric lattes included. The breakfast bowl is a mix of roasted veg topped with haloumi, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. It’s proof that broccoli is a good way to start the day!

The alternative: liquid lunches

Too lazy to (a) get in your car or (b) chew? You can get your greens in fluid form, and delivered by one of these two:

Blendid: This start-up provides DIY smoothie kits. You can order the frozen packs you fancy, throw one into your blender with liquid (coconut water or almond milk, for example — Blendid recommends what works best) and whiz. It’s as easy as that. We’re particular fans of the Sexy Skin — avocado, baby spinach, honey, banana, flaxseed and wheatgrass.

One-Juice supplies a number of retailers in SA, but also has standalone stores in Sea Point and Parkhurst. You can order both smoothie and cold-pressed juices from it. Or you can go full Gwyneth Paltrow and order a specially designed bulk buy of the latter — enough for three-, five-or seven-day detoxes.