Each month Saverio Cardillo, whisky savant and owner of Joburg’s Bottega Whiskey Club, gives us his tip on the top tipple to get your hands on.

October’s pick: Ardbeg An Oa.

Why? If you consider whisky not to be a summer drink, think again. Here’s an offering that’s got all one wants in a dram — including a smokiness on the nose and when you taste it — but with a lovely, rounded sweetness.

Of course you could knock it back neat, but for something a little unusual Cardillo suggests a riff on a martini. Add two parts of the An Oa, two parts sweet-and-sour mix and a squeeze of fresh lime to a mixer filled with ice. Shake, pour and enjoy. And yes, we were sceptical too, but we tried it and this is really a refreshing hot-weather treat.

The deal: This single malt comes from the Scottish island of Islay, specifically its rocky outcrop, the mull of Oa. It’s nonchill filtrated, and has a cask strength of 46.6%.

For more info and to buy Sav’s pick, visit bottegawhiskey.com.

But wait, there’s more: The FM is giving away a bottle of whisky, courtesy of Bottega Whiskey Club, to the writer of our best reader’s letter for October. The winner will be notified by the FM and have the whisky delivered to his or her door. It’s as easy as that.