Do you have a yen for an espresso that makes you think of sweltering nights in Havana — "sultry, intrepid and groovy"? Or are you perhaps more of a Saint-Tropez type, and you like your coffee like your Riviera holidays: "sleek, elegant, glamorous"?

Whatever your java — and holiday — proclivities, you should try out the coffee capsules made by Cape Town outfit Coco Safar.

As you may have gathered, each blend in Coco Safar’s core collection is inspired by a city or town — even Stellenbosch is in the mix — and each is exceptional.

Aside from the fact that this is very good coffee, we particularly like two other things: the capsules are compatible with Nespresso machines; and they are completely compostable, so you know you’re not adding to the world’s plastic nightmare when you use them.

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