Vegetable yoghurt is now "a thing". Pioneered by niche dairy producer Blue Hill in the US, the low-sugar treat is fast becoming a mainstream staple in supermarkets around the world.

In its annual food and drink trends report, Waitrose predicted late last year that the savoury yoghurt was set to be one of the food trends of 2017, along with cactus water, Hawaiian poke bowls and bao buns.

The UK grocer subsequently launched flavours including pineapple, butternut squash and turmeric, and kiwi, avocado and matcha tea.

Ever quick on the beat, SA’s Woolworths has given its yoghurts a makeover.

Along with its veg and fruit iterations — butternut and mango; beetroot and strawberry; and sweet potato, date and pear — the entire Woolworths yoghurt range now contains no added preservatives. There’s also 16% more fruit in its double cream low-fat and fat-free fruited variants, as well as from 25% to 39% less sugar in some of its low-fat and fat-free fruited yoghurts.

My pick? Ayrshire double cream berry trifle. And for when I am well behaved, a pot of fat-free raspberry.

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