Does personal financial planning leave you overwhelmed?

Certified financial planner Gerald Mwandiambira says you can either grasp the challenge and become a money master or succumb and become a money slave.

Mwandiambira’s book My Money provides bite-sized, easily accessible information to help you become more money savvy.

It’s a guide that will help many South Africans begin to create wealth and not fear the subject of personal financial planning.

It offers useful advice and tips to help you gain a basic understanding of money mechanics.

The book has chapters dedicated to almost every financial situation that South Africans will face in
their lives.

Mwandiambira has a postgraduate degree in financial planning law and has experience in banking, stockbroking, investment products, health insurance and long-and short-term insurance. He owns a boutique wealth planning practice.

The book will be in SA book stores early October.

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