Jacob Zuma gripped SA’s attention even before he ascended to the highest political office in the land.

His has been a presidency plagued by scandal, corruption and cronyism. Now the words " state capture" are part of this country’s political lexicon ; synonymous with the Zuma era.

Whether he serves a full term until 2019 or is forced out of office before then (some speculate he will be pushed out after the ANC’s elective conference next year), itseems Zuma’s time is running out.

However, while calls for Zuma to go grow louder each day, little has been said about what will happen after he leaves office.

What impact will his departure have on SA, its people and the ruling party? Can we fix the damage — and how do we do that?

Leading political analyst Ralph Mathekga answers these questions in his aptly-timed book, When Zuma Goes, in which he assesses the Zuma presidency and what his successor will inherit.

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