Here are some sizzling new items you might like to spend some of your shekels on.


It’s the handbag choice of stylish types the world over and, at long last, Coach has arrived in SA, in Sandton City specifically. The brand was founded in 1941 and does leather handbags to swoon over (the Grace style — a total classic, is a favourite). They also do man bags and wallets and shoes and all the other leather accessories you might expect — plus some you won’t, dinosaurs included.

Gavin Rajah for @home

From the middle of this month, you’ll be able to inject a dose of the elegantly exotic into your space. This is all thanks to local fashion designer Gavin Rajah, who’s done a collection with @home to create a range of "softs". That’s industry-speak for cushions, pillows and throws that are, in this instance, a creative take on life in the Indian summer palaces of yore. Expect jewel tones, touches of metallic and prints of fauna and flora.

Jeanne Gaigher

We’ve been watching artist Jeanne Gaigher’s career with interest, and are really impressed with the pieces on her latest show, Century’s View.

She’s exhibiting at SMITH gallery in Cape Town until the beginning of December and for this new series has worked with painting and layering on scrim (a gauze-like fabric). She’s also branched out into sculptural forms.

Bvlgari jewellery

It’s Bvlgari, dahling! And more specifically, it’s their new flower-inspired diamond jewellery.

What more could you want? The Fiorever collection is now available locally.