Missing Richard Simmons is the much buzzed-about podcast that attempts to find out why the famed home-fitness guru and television personality disappeared from the public eye.

You’ll remember Simmons best for his sparkly neon polyester workout gear and pseudo-Afro. In an almost documentary-slash-intervention, filmmaker Dan Taberski — a friend of Simmons and regular attendee at Slimmons, a West Hollywood exercise class formerly run by Simmons — tries to find out why he retreated from the spotlight so suddenly.

First Simmons stopped showing up to class and then he stopped talking to everyone in his life. He (to all intents and purposes) vanished.

These are the theories: he’s being held hostage by his housekeeper, he’s suffering from debilitating depressive episodes and/or he’s transitioning from male to female.

The podcast eventually prompted an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department. It turns out that Simmons is fine — but he does just want to be left the hell alone. A cool and weird listen.

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