A good week

The escape of former Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn from Japan, where he faces charges of financial misconduct, is the stuff of legend: smuggled onto a private jet in a box used for concert equipment, he then made his way to Lebanon via Turkey. Some say a Green Beret was in the mix, and that the box was a double-bass case, but that may be the making of myth. Safely ensconced in Lebanon, he’s now railing against a "rigged" system. It’s an embarrassment for the Japanese, which twice refused him bail. Third time lucky for him, then.

A bad week

Days after declaring devastating wildfires a national disaster, Australian PM Scott Morrison went on holiday to Hawaii. Then he hosted a swanky New Year’s party, where his guests had prime view of the A$6.5m fireworks display he’d insisted go ahead (despite vociferous criticism). At the height of the crisis, his media team released a video punting his government’s handling of the crisis — decried as outright opportunism. Australians, desperate for leadership, have tired of the spin, with #ScottyFromMarketing a favourite punch-bag on Twitter.