A good week

Tiger, tiger, burning bright? All it took was weeks of pressure, public opprobrium and power cuts, but energy minister and hazenile expert Gwede Mantashe finally appears to have had his light bulb moment. Market-friendly and ANC aren’t words we often see together, but there it is in black and white: a decision to allow municipalities and businesses to procure their own power. It’s a better plan than moving Eskom to his department, or rubbing lumps of coal together to get a flame. But the devil, as always, will be in the detail.

A bad week

One week a friend of Zweli Mkhize’s NHI, the next on the first Qantas flight to Australia. It’s hard not to conclude that Life Healthcare CEO Shrey Viranna’s decision to emigrate with his family is an emergency siren in SA’s policy waiting room. Viranna might argue elsewhere in this magazine that the raised eyebrows are a "scandalous" response to a heart-wrenching choice, but one does wonder whether, if he’d planned a future in SA, he’d have backed the NHI with the same amount of zeal.