Addressing an Anti-Defamation League summit on anti-Semitism and hate, where he was presented with the organisation’s international leadership award, English actor and satirist Sacha Baron Cohen denounced Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google as "the greatest propaganda machine in history" and responsible for a surge in murderous attacks on minorities. He said Facebook will run any political ad, even if it’s a lie, if you pay it, and would have let Hitler buy ads for the "Final Solution".

Indicted for fraud, bribery and breach of trust, Benjamin Netanyahu became the first sitting prime minister of Israel to face criminal charges. Arrogantly refusing to resign, he slammed the move as an "attempted coup". The political crisis he faces since failing to form a government after two elections this year has worsened. Though legally allowed to remain interim PM while he fights the charges, it’s unclear whether he is also entitled to run the four other ministries he heads. A challenge to his leadership of Likud is brewing.