Japan finally has its first tennis Grand Slam winner, after Naomi Osaka beat Serena Williams at Flushing Meadows on Sunday. That Osaka did this in straight sets, at the age of just 20, suggests there is a new force in female tennis.

Part of what made the victory so impressive was her calmness during the contretemps between Williams and the umpire Carlos Ramos, which hogged the headlines. There’s a certain congruity in Osaka’s victory: her father said he used Williams’s career as a model for his daughter’s own.

To say that Donald Trump has had a bad week is as obviously redundant as saying there are questions the Guptas need to answer. But the orange menace’s position is so impossibly compromised, his stature at such a low point, that it’s hard to see him serving out the rest of his divisive term.

That one of his own staff wrote an anonymous essay detailing how members of Trump’s administration were secretly manoeuvring to curtail his "worst inclinations" is telling. And yet, this bungling fool is the person Herman Mashaba admires!