If there is a science to picking battles, National Union of Metalworkers of SA (Numsa) general secretary Irvin Jim chose the right one.

His union, SA’s largest, scored a major victory when the Constitutional Court dismissed an appeal application brought by labour brokers against Numsa’s interpretation of a Labour Relations Act provision that regulates the status of brokers in the employment relationship. The ruling says clients of labour brokers become employers when workers become permanent, and is a game changer.

Britain’s new foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt, on an official visit to China tried, unwisely, to curry favour with his hosts by mentioning that his wife is Chinese. Except he got his foot in his mouth and said: "My wife is Japanese," before quickly correcting himself.

His wife, Lucia Guo, was born in Xian in central China and they have three children. The embarrassed envoy explained that he’d been talking in Japanese with his counterpart at an earlier event. But of course his "terrible mistake" stole the headlines.