Step aside Bill. Take a hike, Warren. Getty who? Jeff Bezos has eclipsed all contenders to become the richest person in modern history with a personal pile of $150bn, thanks to Amazon’s soaring stock price.

To put that into perspective, he’d need to spend almost $411m a day for a year to blow it all. Bezos’s fortunes, along with any investor in Amazon, have doubled in a year and helped the Amazon founder leapfrog Bill Gates, now in second place with $95bn, though much of his wealth has been given to charity.

Woolworths withdrew a frozen savoury rice mix as a precaution against listeria after a worldwide recall of the dodgy Hungarian sweetcorn in it by that country’s food safety agency.

To add to CEO Ian Moir’s woes, the retailer had to evacuate several of its stores in and around Durban after rudimentary bombs were discovered, which required additional safety measures to be put in place. It’s not known why the company seems to be a target or who is behind the scaremongering but it’s not good for business.