The Eufy Robovac 35C.
The Eufy Robovac 35C.

Eufy Robovac 35C

Cool factor 5/5
Usability 4/5
Value for money 4/5

SA may have missed the Roomba fad, but other automated vacuum brands are trickling into SA. It’s about time.

These little critters are useful during load-shedding, as they’re not tethered to a wall, and can manage fine without much supervision.

The Eufy Robovac 35C is a robust droid that cleans better than most cleaning staff equipped with the best brooms on the market.

It connects via the Eufy app, found on iOS and Android, through a Wi-Fi connection. Within the app, you can set schedules for the Robovac and track its battery level. Unlike other robot cleaners available locally, the Robovac will last a good couple of hours on a charge — enough to clean a three-bedroom house.

It’s easy to connect the Eufy with your existing home automation system, whether your digital assistant is Google Home or Alexa. Simply connect the Robovac to your Home system (in our case, Google), give it a name (in our case, it is Steven) and done.

This will allow you to use a voice cue to start the vacuum ("Hey Google, turn on Steven") and Steven will be on its way.

When it starts up initially, Steven will map the floor area, easily traverse carpets and get into small spaces. It’s kind of like a child in that you’ll need to pick up rogue items off the floor, including socks, shoes with laces, cables and small bathroom mats. If you don’t, they will confuse Steven or get it stuck.

Fortunately it has a stellar communication system, using beeps and flashing lights. These will indicate whether Steven needs to be cleaned, if something’s stuck inside the vacuum, or if it’s stuck under a chair (this happens).

If you don’t mind going through the small missions to keep things off the floor and go to Steven’s aid when it’s stuck, this is one helluva game-changer for the home. The vacuum works diligently and picks up every speck of dust and hair it can find.

It’s robust and won’t go flying off stairs thanks to its sensor tech, and will return to its home base where it charges after a good clean.

The Eufy Robovac 35C retails for R5,000 at Circuit City. Even if this is the pinnacle of vacuum tech, we’ll be happy for another 50 years.

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