DJI Osmo Mobile 3

Cool factor 4/5
Usability 5/5
Value for money 4/5

We’re lucky that the coronavirus-inspired work-from-home boom came at a time when humanity is equipped with brilliant digital tools. Even if your tools are ancient (still rocking the iPhone 4?), an at-home work setup has never been easier to execute.

Whether you’re fine propping your phone up on your child’s teddy bear (it works, try it) or want the best phone mount solution around, you’re going to need something.

Video conferencing has replaced face-to-face meetings in the midst of the pandemic. And the absolute best video conferencing tool is a somewhat unexpected one. The DJI Osmo Mobile 3 launched late in 2019, and though aimed at providing amateur filmmakers with one of the best gimbals around, it doubles as a brilliant phone stand. A gimbal is specifically designed to keep video footage as smooth as possible, notwithstanding any bumps or shakes. DJI’s previous models, the Osmo Mobile 1 and 2 lacked a small detail that makes the 3 perfect: a tripod stand.

The addition of the stand makes the Osmo Mobile 3 a far more versatile piece of tech, which doesn’t need to be hand-held. This gives videographers and lighter users more freedom to set up a smartphone at a specific spot and just … leave it. I’m not talking about the beautiful time-lapses you’re trying to capture of the stars every night; the Osmo Mobile 3 can become a feature piece on your home desk setup. Because it’s that good.

Set-up is seamless, especially if you’re not planning on using the gimbal actions. You won’t need to use proprietary software (like the DJI Mimo app). Just attach your mobile phone, switch the gimbal on and position it next to your laptop. Using the selfie-cam is preferred because that means you’ll be able to see the video feed of your colleagues. Whether you’re using Zoom, Microsoft Teams or BlueJeans, start up the conferencing app and make sure the camera is angled towards you using the toggle controller on the Osmo.

Is it overkill? Not really. This is a brilliant investment for an amateur or professional videographer. To get the tripod addition, you’ll need to buy the combo pack, which includes the Osmo with its 3-axis gimbal system, the attachable tripod, a wrist strap and a storage pouch priced at R2,300. The gimbal’s battery life is rated at 15 hours. At least you won’t be expected to work more than that in one sitting … we hope.

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