Logitech Spotlight

Cool factor ***
Usability *****
Value for money ***

Logitech has launched a presenting tool and remote called Spotlight, designed to help the user navigate between slides and interact with on-screen content.

The Spotlight combines a pointer, a cursor (for clicking on on-screen content) and a nifty magnifying tool in one remote. At a recommended retail price of R2,000, it undoubtedly has a relatively niche audience — professional presenters and agency leads in particular. But it should also prove useful as an office purchase for general use, and hopefully make board presentations — or following lecture or training slides — an easier process.

The Spotlight connects via a USB receiver or Bluetooth, and Logitech promises it is “plug-and-play” on most devices. It is also compatible with all “popular presentation apps”, including Keynote, PowerPoint, Google Slides and Prezi.

It works up to 30m from the receiver, and the SmartCharge feature allows you up to three hours use from just a minute of charging.

It has an attractive design — slim, sleek and a good size — with just three buttons dominated (sensibly) by the large “forward” button.

The Spotlight pairs with an app that lets you move between modes (including “spotlight mode”, which darkens the slide area that’s not within the spotlight circle). It even has preset timed vibration alerts to keep you on track and on time. The pointer may have a self-selecting audience, but what it does, it does well.

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