Accessories manufacturer Zagg has launched its latest range of wireless sound devices, called Coda, under the audio brand iFrogz.

There are three options in the range: earbuds, a Bluetooth-enabled speaker, and a head-phone set.

But what sets these apart from the plethora of competing devices?

Coda is focused on value in the budget market, and the company has found a nice middle ground in solid, attractive devices that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

The wireless earbuds will set you back just R399, but offer up to 10 hours’ battery life (five hours’ playback at 70% volume, and five hours’ standby), and they are sweat resistant.

There are three sizes in the box. They fit comfortably in the ear, and produce a reasonable sound from 10mm drivers, with wireless controls. They won’t blow specialist audio products out of the water, but you aren’t paying for category-leading sound.

The cute wireless speaker is about the size of a small drinks tumbler, and incorporates 40mm drivers for sound output. The size and design means it is easy to throw into a handbag or briefcase without adding bulk.

The battery is somewhat limited, offering over four hours’ charge (also at 70% volume, plus 30 minutes’ standby). But with a built-in microphone and 10m reception range, it is a good booster for on-the-fly boardroom presentations that require sound, or for adding some musical ambience to the outside braai. And at R249 this is a rock-bottom budget buy.

The on-ear wireless headphones are a steal at R699.

They come in four colour options, including basic black and a particularly pretty grey-and-rose-gold version.

The headphone controls are on the ear cups, which means you can really enjoy the benefits of wireless sound. The headphones have a range of 10m and up to 10 hours’ battery life (seven hours’ playback at 70% volume, and three hours’ standby). They are comfortable, but the headband is a bit large (even on the smallest setting).

All three are charged with mini-USB connections, and connect via Bluetooth.

Coda sound rangeCool factor: ***Usability: *****Value for money: *****

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