The Logi Circle from Logitech is a Wi-Fi-enabled streaming camera designed for remote home surveillance. It’s pint-sized and, frankly, rather cute in design, with a round "eye" and base that fits in your hand.

Hooked up to the app, it streams up to 1080p video to a device of your preference (iOS and Android, or via a desktop Web app) so you can see what’s going on in your home when you’re away, through a 135° wide-angle view.

Like most smart home devices, connectivity for the Circle is via your home Wi-Fi. The, ahem, net effect of this is that it is not "data-lite" and is best suited to homes with high-cap or uncapped ADSL and fibre Internet.

From a usability perspective, a top selling point is how simple the set-up is. You can be up-and-streaming in a couple of minutes.

The device can be placed anywhere inside your home that has decent Wi-Fi-coverage, and will last for a number of hours (dependent on settings) on battery power (up to 12 hours on power-saving mode). With this in mind, I found that it works best on the charger platform — especially if you’re going to be away for more than the work day.

It connects to the platform via a strong magnet, so you can mount this vertically if that offers the best vantage point.

It’s not only about security. Logitech promotes the use of this device for checking in on pets and kids when you’re away. It’s capable of two-way communication, and you can even save snaps and short videos directly off the app. I like the 30-second recap of the day’s activities option, and there are more options (like person detection and custom alerts), as well as additional storage options available with a US$9.99 monthly subscription.

It comes in black and white models, and retails for around R3,999 from Incredible Connection.

Logitech Circle
Cool factor  ***
Usability *****
Value for money ****

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