1. Viva capitalism

Not to be confused with the SACP, SA’s newest party, the ZACP (Capitalist Party of SA), will field 10 candidates in the May 8 election on a pro-free market, individual liberty ticket. They think the DA has moved into space occupied by the ANC. They do not accept that SA is inherently socialist: on the contrary, they say, most people are capitalist at heart. Self-funded and looking for donations, they will disclose the name of anyone who gives them R50,000 or more. They also support (regulated) gun ownership, which they say is justifiable in a lawless country. Their purple cow logo was chosen because it stands out rather than for any connection to a market bull. Their aim is to change the political narrative in SA.

2. Bering fireball

Between 18,000 and 84,000 meteorites bigger than 10g hit Earth each year — nothing like the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs. Larger ones self-destruct on entering the atmosphere as the higher pressure in front rushes into the vacuum behind them. On December 18, Nasa only now reports, a space rock several metres big exploded 26km above the Bering Sea, causing a 173-kiloton fireball — 10 times the Hiroshima bomb. It was the second-largest in 30 years. A meteor explosion this big is only expected two or three times every 100 years, says Nasa. It is able to calculate where a meteor will hit based on its orbit — as it did with the 3m asteroid that exploded over a farm in Botswana last June.

3. Political responsibility

Here’s a move that should (but won’t) find traction in a country hit by load-shedding. Finland’s entire government has resigned over its failure to achieve a key policy goal on welfare and health-care reform. Prime Minister Juha Sipila’s government is staying on in a caretaker role until planned elections in April. Centre Party chair Antti Kaikkonen defended the decision: "If anyone asks what political responsibility means, then I would say that this is an example," he tweeted.