Paul Kagame. Picture: Supplied
Paul Kagame. Picture: Supplied

1. Rwanda’s Khashoggi

Inaction by SA prosecutors has resulted in the inquest into the suspected murder of a Rwandan dissident in SA five years ago being struck from the roll of the Randburg magistrate’s court on Monday. The investigating officer has 14 days to explain what was done to arrest the Rwandan suspects, whose identities and whereabouts were known to the police. Colonel Patrick Karegeya was found dead in a Sandton hotel room in 2013. He was a close ally of President Paul Kagame until they had a falling out. Karegeya then went into exile. Some see the case as "Rwanda’s Khashoggi". Kagame opponents have been targeted for elimination in the US, Canada, Belgium, Kenya and Uganda.

2. Anti-vaxxer threat

Vaccine hesitancy — people refusing to have themselves or their children vaccinated out of fear of contracting some kind of disorder — has been cited by the World Health Organisation as one of its 10 threats to global health in 2019, alongside more established dangers such as air pollution and drug-resistant bacteria.

The WHO says anti-vaxxers threaten to undo a lot of progress that has been made in eliminating vaccine-preventable diseases.

3. Straight-up sexism

A sex toy called the Osé massager — marketed at women and using microrobotics for movement — was stripped of its CES Innovation Award and barred from being exhibited this month. The Consumer Electronics Show organisers said, alternately, that it doesn’t fit the awards categories, and that they have a rule allowing them to disqualify entries deemed immoral or obscene. But given that numerous sex-related tech gadgets have been exhibited in the past, and the 2019 lineup included a sex robot (aimed at men) and virtual reality porn, the massager’s manufacturer, Lora DiCarlo, and critics are calling the decision straight-up sexism.