Markus Jooste. Picture: Raymond Preston/Sunday Times
Markus Jooste. Picture: Raymond Preston/Sunday Times

1. Markus Jooste goes to church

Disgraced former Steinhoff CEO Markus Jooste emerged from hiding on Sunday, but only for a brief while and not quite in the public eye. He attended the christening of his 10-month-old granddaughter — the child of his daughter Andrea and her husband, Stefan Potgieter — in the NG Church in Hermanus, according to Die Burger. Jooste, who is believed to be in seclusion in his Hermanus mansion, joined family and friends for the christening, then slipped out of the church through a side door.

2. Low point for Sky

Australia’s Sky News is paying for right-winger Blair Cottrell’s recent racist rant on the channel.

Cottrell, a confessed admirer of Adolf Hitler, has a string of criminal convictions, according to Australian media. He told the television channel that migrants from other African countries should be banned and preference be given to white SA farmers.

So far, advertising has been pulled from the channel by multinational financial firm American Express, Huggies nappies, optometrist company Specsavers and pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline. The state of Victoria has stopped broadcasting Sky at its train stations.

3. The real GI Jane

The US Marine Corps has put a woman in charge of an infantry platoon for the first time.

Lt Marina Hierl broke this barrier a year after she became the first woman to pass the corps’ infantry officer course, according to the New York Times. The 24-year-old Hierl was one of two (of a total 37) women to pass the tough, 13-week course. Her battalion is stationed in Northern Australia, where she is leading 35 men in training.

Hierl told the Times that she became interested in joining the Marines during high school after meeting a recruiter. She was advised to attend university before pursuing a military career.