1. Zimbabwe leaders are a no-show

Despite committing to a peace pledge — after a bomb attack at a Zanu-PF rally at the weekend — neither president Emmerson Mnangagwa nor main opposition leader Nelson Chamisa were present to sign it, the BBC reported.

At least 49 people, including Mnangagwa’s two deputies, were injured in Saturday’s blast. He has said the blast was an attempt on his life ahead of the July 30 election.

Both election candidates sent representatives to sign the pledge on their behalf earlier this week.

2. Good oil news ahead?

Saudi Arabia and Russia have pledged to raise their production of oil by 1m barrels/day, after concern that crude prices — which are at near three-year highs — could start to curb economic growth and affect fuel demand.

Could this mean that consumers can look forward to an oil price drop? It’s too early to measure the impact, but the price of oil did dip below US$75/barrel on the news this week. Saudi Arabia has also promised to act to keep prices under control.

3. China hides the hunny

Comedian John Oliver mocked China’s president Xi Jinping on his HBO programme last week. Days later, Chinese authorities blocked Internet users from gaining access to HBO’s online content, according to Internet censorship watchdog GreatFire.org. Last week Chinese censors also implemented measures to remove all mention of Oliver on Weibo, a microblogging platform.

In his show Last Week Tonight, Oliver condemned China’s human rights record and its crackdown on dissent. He also mocked Xi for censoring Winnie-the-Pooh, a character he has been likened to in the press.