1. Jumbo city of fun

The eyes of Joburgers widened this week when a Boeing 747 was transported by road to Fourways, disrupting traffic in the process.

But it all appears to be in preparation for a great deal of fun. The Boeing will be based at an 8,000m² child entertainment centre called KidZania in the Fourways Mall. The "interactive city" concept, developed in Mexico, allows children to take on roles from doctor or engineer to waiter or newsreader.

2. Balance of power shift

The US will overtake Russia as the world’s biggest oil producer by 2019, the International Energy Agency says, as US shale production continues to upend global markets. Buoyed by stronger oil prices, US crude oil output rose above 10m barrels a day late last year for the first time since the 1970s, a Reuters report states. This is also when it overtook Saudi Arabia.

High shale production comes at a time when producers such as Russia (and members of the Opec cartel) have reduced output in an attempt to push prices higher.

3. I avoca-do ...

Why are millennials using avocados as ring boxes when they pop the question? While the rest of us scoff as they go down on one knee to reveal a diamond ring in the hollow left by removing the pit, British supermarket Asda has jumped on board. It has launched a sticker designating which avocados are "perfect for proposal".

The Independent reports that someone choosing a diamond ring might look for colour, clarity, carat and cut. When choosing the right avocados, Asda has an expert assess their colour, complexion, cut and creaminess.