Topics to impress this week.

1. Sony to start making vinyl records again

Japanese multinational conglomerate Sony will begin pressing its own vinyl records again as demand for them surges — even amid the rise of digital downloads and streaming services. Sony is one of the world’s biggest record companies, and it stopped pressing its own vinyl in 1989 when CDs (which are now outdated!) became popular. According to the group, a new record pressing machine will be introduced to one of its factories southwest of Tokyo, with the aim of starting production by March next year..

2. EU court blow for Uber

Uber. In the news again. The ride hailing company underplayed an EU court opinion this week that some of its services could be illegal. Uber says the case only concerned an app service in France, which it no longer provides. It stopped the service in 2014. An advocate-general for the court of justice of the European Union said in a nonbinding opinion that transport activities like UberPOP "may be criminal". This year, Uber has faced a sexual harassment scandal, the resignation of its CE, Travis Kalanick, and allegations that it used software to trick regulators.

3. 1,800-year-old ruins discovered in Rome

Rome metro excavations have unearthed a third-century "Pompeii-like scene", in which archaeologists have found the remains of a building that appears to have been destroyed by a fire. The skeleton of a crouching dog was also found. This is the latest in a string of discoveries found during construction of Rome’s new underground network — Line C — which started in 2007. Each discovery has caused construction delays. Archaeologists said the ruins might be from an aristocrat’s home at the foot of the nearby Caelian Hill or from a nearby military barracks that had been explored in other excavations for the subway line, according to AP.

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