ANOTHER WEEK: Clean break

British Prime Minister Theresa May confirms that the UK will leave the EU’s single market

2 months ago
ANOTHER WEEK: Political intrigue

Ivorian president Alassane Ouattara watches as prime minister Daniel Kablan Duncan leaves the presidential palace in Abidjan. Duncan resigned along with his ...

2 months ago
ANOTHER WEEK: 'Tis the season

The scuba-diving Santa Claus and other Christmas-themed activities are some of the prime attractions for visitors

3 months ago
So long, Fidel

To some an apostle of liberation, to others a ruthless dictator, Castro brought the Cold War to the US’s doorstep, bedevilled 11 US presidents and supported ...

3 months ago
Human catastrophe

Syrian children sit in a barn converted into a school in a rebel-held area of Daraa. President Barack Obama confronted Russia at a summit this week about its ...

3 months ago
Indian bank note switch

Ban aims to get India’s black-market money into the banking and tax system

4 months ago