Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta vows to unite a country bruised by two elections, court challenges and violence

ANOTHER WEEK: Silence on Myanmar crisis

Rohingya refugees from Myanmar carry their belongings as they flee violence

ANOTHER WEEK: My way or the highway

World leaders prepare for the taking of a group photo at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany. The event has been labelled one of the most tense gatherings of ...

ANOTHER WEEK: Hard day’s work

Villagers illegally scavenge coal from open-cast mines to earn a living. India, the US and China produce about two-thirds of the coal mined worldwide. In ...

ANOTHER WEEK: ‘Refuse fascism’

Protesters denounce the US supreme court’s reinstatement of large parts of the Trump/Pence travel ban, targeting citizens from six predominantly Muslim ...

ANOTHER WEEK: London mourns

Women embrace in front of messages left on a wall of condolence following the blaze at Grenfell Tower, a residential tower block in London

ANOTHER WEEK: Social unrest in Morocco

Demonstrators in support of protest leader Nasser Zefzafi demand action from the Moroccan government to build hospitals and provide employment

ANOTHER WEEK: Another try

Supporters of the opposition All Basotho Convention attend a campaign rally in Maseru

ANOTHER WEEK: Ending their revolt

Mutinous soldiers pose with weapons in the streets of Côte d’Ivoire’s city of Bouaké before a deal with government was reached

ANOTHER WEEK: Europe’s man

Emmanuel Macron’s next challenge is June’s legislative election where his year-old En Marche! party currently holds no seats

ANOTHER WEEK: Time of light

South Koreans join in a lantern parade in Seoul marking the start of the month-long Lotus Lantern Festival to celebrate the birthday of Buddha

ANOTHER WEEK: Country in crisis

Venezuela’s opposition hold a silent march to honour people killed in three weeks of protests


France’s National Front leader, Marine Le Pen, is interrupted on stage by a flower-wielding protester at a campaign rally at the Zenith of Paris arena

ANOTHER WEEK: Egypt mourns

Egypt announces a three-month state of emergency


US President Donald Trump welcomes Egypt’s Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to the White House for a first state visit

ANOTHER WEEK: Going nowhere

Mohammed Mohiedin Anis lights his pipe as he sits in his destroyed bedroom listening to music on his vinyl record player in the formerly rebel-held al-Shaar ...