Gwede Mantashe. Picture: SOWETAN
Gwede Mantashe. Picture: SOWETAN

Christo Wiese

The FM deserves its reputation as the premier business publication in the country, even if — and this is tongue in cheek — it occasionally struggles to know the difference between a million and a billion.

Nicky Newton-King

The FM is my go-to read to get thoughtful perspectives on the issues of our day. In a lighter vein, I have from time to time used Justice Malala’s rating scale in Food for Thought with 1 star as Nkandla and 5 stars as Thuli Madonsela!

Jannie Mouton

The FM has been quite special in my life. I’ve been a businessman for 40 years and I read it every week. It always takes a view and even if I may sometimes disagree, there is always something to learn.

Gwede Mantashe

There is no one opinion about it. It depends on the journalist. From time to time it is good, but other times, it is … eish, not so good. Sometimes when journalists become personal, one tends to switch off.

Michael Jordaan

Few start-ups still exist 60 years later but in its six decades the FM has become not just a survivor but an essential weekly, just as coffee is an essential daily. I started reading the FM as a kid to learn about the world of finance, used it as a university student to fill in the gaps that my business economics textbooks didn’t cover and still read every edition from cover to cover (or should I say webpage to webpage). In a world where false news can play havoc with populism, the devotion to critical thought that is espoused by the FM and only a few other publications has become an integral part of our society.

Adrian Gore

The whole week you are bombarded with facts. What I appreciate about the FM is it offers quality analysis by putting the facts into perspective, so there is an opportunity to learn something as you read. It offers these epiphanies without fear or favour, getting to the crux of the issue.

Zingiswa Losi

The FM plays a critical role in the public debate on the economy. This discourse is more important than ever in an economy with 40% unemployment levels, rising poverty and inequality and state enterprises on the verge of collapse. Cosatu looks forward to the FM deepening its interrogation of the conditions faced by ordinary workers and their families.

Mohale Ralebitso

I read the FM and have done so for the past 25 years because it is the authority on local business and economic discourse. I hope that in the next 25 years there’ll be an evolving narrative of a united SA, underpinned by a growing partnership between business and the government in service of "the people" of SA Inc.

GT Ferreira

While I scan a variety of publications to get as wide as possible a view of the political, social, economic and business landscape, I take extra time to read the FM from cover to cover because of its high-quality in-depth analysis and reporting.

Natie Kirsh

I have always found the FM to be objective and to present facts in an unbiased manner, and I will continue to rely on it to provide me with relevant comment on the SA economy.

Mervyn King

I have read the FM from its launch date and it is essential reading for anyone in the corporate world. The FM has realised that the era of a shareholder-centric governance model based purely on financial capital is yesterday’s thinking. Consequently there is much about environmental, social and governance issues in the FM today.

Patricia de Lille

I enjoy reading the FM because it provides many diverse views and good analysis. As a weekly publication it provides a good summary of the key economic issues nationally and internationally.