Picture: 123RF/Dmytro Sidelnikov
Picture: 123RF/Dmytro Sidelnikov

A record number of Henley Africa graduates received their MBA degrees in the UK on September 20. The group was so big that they had to forgo their usual pub afterparty and hire a venue.

The graduation ceremony took place on the banks of the Thames, near London, at the campus of the parent Henley Business School.

Henley Africa dean Jon Foster-Pedley says: “The occasion was made more special by the fact that nine other South Africans graduated with their master’s in coaching from Henley UK.” In all, 92 South Africans attended.

Some of the graduates may opt for a second ceremony in SA at the end of November when Henley Africa is due to cap 233 MBA graduates.

Foster-Pedley says SA graduates perform at least as well as Henley graduates from other campuses. “Our MBA students, who are 70% black and 50% women, do as well as Britons, Germans, Malaysians — in fact, as well as anyone in the world. We have very capable people in SA and our examination results prove it every time.”

Henley Africa accounts for two-thirds of Henley’s global MBA intake and three-quarters of the flexible executive MBA programme, which is also provided in Finland, Denmark, Malaysia and Britain.