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Picture: ISTOCK

In April, you are invited to attend a Financial Mail Essentials “ABCs of BEE” breakfast in partnership with LFP Training, to help businesses rethink their transformation strategies.

Such strategies should form part of an integrated business plan before they can deliver a boost to the economy.

Education and training are some of the most mutually beneficial ways of making a difference when implementing black economic empowerment (BEE) compliance initiatives.

LFP CEO Louis Pulzone says: “When implementing training initiatives in line with the BEE codes of good conduct, there are two important things to keep in mind. First, companies should educate themselves on BEE compliance as part of their growth strategy. This should not be viewed as a ‘checklist exercise’ but be embraced as part of the bigger picture.

“Second, it is critical that such education initiatives are carried out using the correct suppliers and tools. When it comes to the skills development portion of the scorecard, it is vital that companies look to strategies that speak directly to their business’s needs and ensure a long-term positive gain. While the price might seem right, using a cheaper supplier could derail your compliance journey due to a lack of resources and knowledge.”

The FM Essentials breakfast will cover:

  • the benefits of skills development initiatives in line with the BEE codes of good conduct;
  • understanding the skills development portion of the BEE scorecard;
  • an introduction to the BEE manager tool to help analyse your scorecard;
  • the importance of partnering with a credible, transparent and compliant service provider;
  • the difference an employee with improved skills can make to a business;
  • how skills development supports the eradication of poverty and unemployment;
  • skills development initiatives that have made a difference; and
  • services on offer to you.

Pulzone says LFP has partnered with FM Essentials to dispel the myth that BEE is merely a compliance checklist exercise.

“LFP brings to light the real value of BEE initiatives. When correctly implementing BEE compliance activities alongside credible service providers, companies will reap great rewards in terms of revenue growth. To this point, LFP looks to create positive awareness and highlights mutual benefits.”

The details

Date: April 30 2019

Venue: Rosebank, Johannesburg (details upon RSVP)

If you would like to win a seat to attend an FM Essentials 'ABC's of BEE' breakfast, visit the Tiso Blackstar Events website.