Mobile device accessories maker Zagg recently launched iFrogz, a subbrand of wireless, Bluetooth-enabled earphones and earbuds. The range includes "Impulse" (R699), "Charisma" (R599), "Plugz" (R499), and sport and activity model "Summit" (R599), which the Financial Mail reviewed.

Designed for use while exercising, Summit earbuds are sweat-resistant and have soft plastic "wings" that fit into the folds of your ears to keep them in place during your run. I found them comfortable, and they certainly stayed in place. They also include a magnetic clip, so if they pop out of your ears on a cycle, you won’t lose them to the tarmac.

The earbuds promise five hours of playback at 70% volume and five hours on standby.

Do they offer the best earphone sound ever? Nope. But the sound is good and clear, which is all you want from gym-ready earbuds. And at just R599, you aren’t paying for premium sound. The Financial Mail has, in recent years, seen some comparable earphones (geared for working out) that carry price tags of more than R1,500.

iFrogz summit earbuds
Cool factor: ***
Usability: *****
Value for money: ****

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