Michael Jordaan. Picture: RUVAN BOSHOFF
Michael Jordaan. Picture: RUVAN BOSHOFF

The areas that will yield the quickest results, according to the founder of Bank Zero and chair of Rain Mobile:

• Auctioning 4G spectrum by fast-tracking the long-overdue digital migration, which will ensure data costs can fall;

• Signing the solar independent power producer (IPP) deals that have already been approved, to stabilise the power supply. Another round of IPP tenders should be initiated too;

• Identifying vacant or underutilised government land and rezoning it for big housing projects;

• Giving ownership rights to people living on tribal lands;

• Abolishing the remnants of exchange control, to show foreign investors there is confidence in the economy;

• Simplifying BEE codes, but including job creation as a priority category; and

• Providing funding for the National Prosecuting Authority to prosecute crime and corruption.