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Behind the R1.1bn bailout for Brait executives

Warren Thompson

In another development that will inflame shareholders of the investment company, Brait's board has committed to unwinding an underwater incentive scheme to the tune of billions of rands.

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Why is Treasury still in the dark about Optimum mine deal?

Genevieve Quintal

State-owned mining company needs to contribute R500m as part of a consortium to take over Guptas' asset

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Gas project has potential to transform Mozambican economy, bank finds

Lisa Steyn

The first phase of Exxonmobil’s project could attract $32bn in investment and contribute $18bn to GDP

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Exxaro coal plant delayed as it cuts ties with Group Five

Lisa Steyn

The move is expected to have little effect on the progress of a wider expansion project

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KEVIN McCALLUM: An epic crash, and the stupidest of them all

The Absa Cape Epic cycle race is a beast that tries to break you, whoever you are

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RON DERBY: Leave the day-to-day operations of Eskom to its board

The breakdown of coal-fired power stations is a matter for the shareholder to deal with, instead of the executive

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HILARY JOFFE: Moody's likely to delay putting final nail in ‘junk’ coffin

Psychological impact and damage to confidence and economy may be profound

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